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Wines and Spirits of Western France

Loire Wines: Gravel or limestone soils, hillsides overlooking the river or facing the sun: vines are in their element in the Centre region; from the Touraine to Berry via the Vendôme, Chinon and Gien areas, our wines have earned a sound reputation.

No fewer than 19 Appellations d'Origine Contrôlées (AOC) celebrate these flavours - fruity or full-bodied, but always brimming over with character. 

Bourgueil, Vouvray or Chinon to the west, Valençay or Reuilly in the centre, Sancerre and Menetou-Salon to the east; ideal accompaniments for your meals.

The Vineyard Tourist Route will give you the opportunity to discover our regional wines. To learn, to understand, and of course to taste.

Western Loire: In addition to Muscadet, the light dry white wine, a huge variety of red white and fruity rosé wines from Anjou and Saumur with many whites from the Saumur region made by the champagne method. Dishes prepared in the Angevin style have a bit of the regional white wine in the sauce. And the orange liqueur, Cointreau, is distilled in Angers. Click here for more information

Normandy: Once you have tasted the delectable delicacies of this regions, wash the whole meal down with cider, still or sparkling, dry or sweet, or perry, with an occasional pause for a shot of calvados apple brandy to clear the palate: the famous "trou normand". The very essence of apples is distilled into calvados, and pommeau.

Finally, sit back, savour the moment, and enjoy a glass of Benedictine liqueur.

To visit one of the distilleries, click here

Brittany: The region of Brittany is not known for its wines. While one can taste some delicious, buttery Muscadet from the southern part of the region, as well as ciders throughout, this is truly a region of food. Click here for some gastronomical delights