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Soft Adventure in Western France

Allot some time in your travel agenda to spend some time in the beauty of nature. Whether you are in the countryside or along the coast, there are plenty of means in which you can enjoy the outdoors.

THE LOIRE VALLEY: The Loire Valley has plenty of walker and biker friendly pathsBiking in the Loire Valley throughout the regionwhere you can meander through lush greenforests or coast by miles and miles of vineyards.There are also some fabulous lakes and rivers which give people the opportunity to kayak, canoe, or simply gaze at some of France's wildlife. Feeling high and mighty? Hop into a hot air balloon to get a view from above. Visit for more information.

NORMANDY: Appreciate the charm and beauty of the Normandy region by foot Swinging in Franceor by bike, which gives a closer, more intimate look to farmlands, the coast, beaches and small Norman villages. Normandy has ten long-distance walking itineraries, 7500 km paths with helpful signs and loads of footpaths for shorter walks. Normandy is also home to 37 different golf courses. For more information.

BRITTANY: With its breathtakingly misty isles off the coast and the rugged coastline, the natural Western France Adventurewonders of Brittany will never fail to amaze you. The water is a way to indulge in great water activities such as scuba diving and sailing. You may also want to take a stroll through Brocéliande forest, which was the home to Merlin the magician and Guinevere. Just off the coast of Brittany, the cliffs of Belle Ile are perfect to enjoy a long bike ride while inhaling the smell of the sea.Explore more options.

WESTERN LOIRE: The Western Loire Valley has something for everyone. The coast is packed with manyFrance Hiking different water sports, no matter what your age, level or courage - Canoeing, sailing, scuba diving, jet skiing, or simply a nice swim in the waters of the Atlantic. Don't really feel like getting wet?

Maybe a smooth and refreshing bike ride along the designated paths of the coast is the best way to see the ocean for you. After the coast, experience a different part of this region by biking along the Loire River. There are a number of trails designed for short outings or long distance rides, all at your disposal. You can also rent a boat for a relaxing journey on the famous river. Finally in the Western Loire Valley, there are 13,000 km of hiking paths all throughout the region. Lace up your boots and take your pick of one of the many trails and areas offered to you. Visit: